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Jessie X. FanPhoto of Jessie X. Fan
Family and Consumer Studies

Jessie X. Fan is an applied economist interested in consumer expenditure, saving, and credit use decisions and relevant policy issues. In recent years she has focused her research in two policy-relevant areas. The first area is the establishment of Child Support Guidelines, including both the estimation of expenditure on children, and the conversion from the empirical estimates of expenditure on children to support guidelines. Specifically she has worked on issues of net income vs. gross income in child support amount computation under income-shares guidelines, and the comparison of expenditures on children in two-parent and single-parent families and its implication on child support guidelines. Future projects in lineup includes topics such as geographical differences in expenditures on children, and the estimation of expenditure on children using a flexible complete demand system instead of the rather restricted approaches currently in use. The second area of research is food expenditure patterns in relationship to obesity. Obesity is related to both energy input (food input) and output. Food input can take several measures, one of which is household expenditures on food. Jessie Fan is currently working with several colleagues on the economic, neighborhood, and familial effects on youth’s energy balance.

In addition to research related to public polity interest, she also has an interest in family and consumer economic issues in Asian countries, particularly in China.

Jessie Fan serves on the editorial boards for four journals in her field, the Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, and Financial Counseling and Planning. She is a member of American Council on Consumer Interests, American Economic Association, Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, and Asian Family and Consumer Economics Association.