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Thomas KontulyPhoto of Thomas Kontuly


Thomas Kontuly is professor of geography at The University of Utah. He currently works with several researchers on projects of an international nature. The first is a study that statistically evaluates inter-regional human migration in Germany with Professor Herman Bierens of the Economics Department at Pennsylvania State University. Second is a project that advances the theory of “Differential Urbanization” to periods before the Industrial Revolution, with Professor Hermanus S. Geyer of the Urban and Regional Planning Department of Potchefstroom University in South Africa. Third is an evaluation of post-Soviet Era urbanization and suburbanization tendencies in Estonia, with Professor Tiit Tammaru of the Institute of Geography at the University of Tartu in Estonia. Fourth is an undertaking with Professor Dr. Franz-Josef Kemper of Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. This project analyzes the importance of employment change on internal migration in Germany in an attempt to evaluate the relevance of the “Regional Restructuring” hypothesis.