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Kim Korinek

Kim Korinek is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, faculty affiliate of the Asian Studies Program, and an IPIA assistant investigator. Substantively, her research focuses on the intersection between societal changes, such as urbanization and the transition from socialism to market economy, and social demographic behaviors, in particular migration and labor force participation. Korinek has been involved in international, interdisciplinary research projects focused on social and demographic change in Vietnam and Thailand. Her inquiries highlight the ways that gender, family and other institutions contribute to emerging stratification in occupational attainment, earnings, remittance, and residential outcomes among migrants.

Kim Korinek’s work has been published in such journals as the American Sociological Review, Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Social Forces, and the Journal of Comparative Family Studies. Collectively, her research provides a dynamic perspective on the experience of labor migrants and families in developing societies, for example demonstrating how individual employment and household economic strategies are informed by and responsive to life course events, such as fertility and migration, and how migrants’ socioeconomic, residential, and labor force trajectories are informed by changing social relational contexts and resource demands experienced in both origin and destination settings.